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A Morning to Remember

Have you ever hit a wall creatively? Have you ever felt like setting aside your passion for a while because you were just so burned out? That’s how I was feeling. Tired and dried up. Like I’d lost my desire, my creativity, my mojo, if you will. Maybe I’d never get it back?  Maybe I’d lost it forever…

It was March, and I desperately needed a respite from the relentless winter cold, so I bought a plane ticket to Florida and stayed with my sister for awhile. Over many cups of coffee she did what big sisters do best. She listened while I spilled my guts about where I’ve been, where I’m at, and that illusive somewhere I want to be headed in my life and my career. I said maybe I was done with photography. Maybe I didn’t have it in me to take another picture. (I appreciate it when people humor me and bite their tongues while I talk nonsense.)

But after I’d rambled until their were no more adjectives or synonyms left to describe burn-out, I actually felt something stirring inside of me. It was weak and faint, but it was the desire to try again, even if I failed.

So we went to Zara and I selected some clothes for the kids while they climbed under clothes racks, under dressing room doors and terrorized the general public. Then we sewed a yellow gingham blanket and pulled together a few props. Early one morning while it was still dark we rose, packed up the car and drove to one of the places that inspires me most in life. The beach.

We arrived just as the sun was peeking its face above the horizon. The smell of salt and sand invaded my nostrils. Usually my camera feels like an appendage, but I remember that day it felt awkward in my hands like a fawn on wobbly, new legs.  I made my way down to the water. Uncertain. Searching.

Then a beautiful scene unfolded before me as my niece raised the gold pashmina over her head, like a warrior princess about to set sail across the sea.  As I watched it whipping in the wind, I felt that tiny, miniscule ember of desire begin to flicker into a flame again.  Lifting my camera to my face, I snapped. I snapped again. A smile crept across my lips as I felt a surge of creative energy flow into my veins.

That morning at sunrise it felt like healing. Like a second chance.  And in my heart I heard a familiar voice whisper… 

This is not the end.  This is only the beginning.

Kelly - Seriously! I LOVE these beach photos – the styling, the seashells – everything!!!

Kelly - Glad to see you back, girl. You’ve been missed.

Jennifer - Praise God that He gave you another light – another spark to start creating again. Your work is beautiful and stands out from the rest. Truly a gift. Know that you are appreciated by so many and that your work is a light for those who follow you and your blog.

Amy Hartman - I’m a new follower (and fellow Grand Rapidian). Your work is beautiful.. it shines. It’s encouraging to know someone as talented as yourself has doubting days too. But from someone aspiring to be where you are, please know you are appreciated. Your wisdom has been so helpful and your work more inspiring than you know.

Megan - I agree Amy- I come here for my own inspiration when I’ve lost my creativity fire. Never stop motivating others. it’s a gift. don’t throw a gift away (unless it’s fruitcake)

Abby Joy - your blog is my absolute favorite and your photos inspire me more than anyone else. thanks for coming back. :)

Kevyn Yudizky - Hi Amy- so glad to see you back. You are an inspiration in so many ways. Love your work…as always!:)

Life with Kaishon - I am glad you kept on shooting.

Sonja - Oh, Amy! I’ve missed your blog posts so! Now I know why. And I know exactly how you’ve been feeling – been there too. This is so beautiful and refreshing and I hope you get your “mojo” back and find new inspiration in life and photography. Every day. Love from Sweden :-)

Angela - Beautiful Amy. You made me cry! Such great memories. So proud of you sis!

abbey - AMY!!!!! SO BREATHTAKING! – and I absolutely LOVE your new site! :) So blessed to know you and to continually be inspired by all you are and all you do. <3 Thanks for posting

Trudy - So glad you didn’t stop as well, Amy – you have such a gift & are so uplifting! love your new beautiful site, too!

Cocasta - You CAN’T stop! You’re one of my very favorite photographers, and I need to take a workshop with you just as soon as I’m artistically ready and have the funds. You have a very special gift. Hang in there!

Hillary - I am very glad you didn’t stop taking pictures. You have so much talent and are a constant inspiration. These are amazing photos!

Carin - a beautiful re-kindling :)

Kerri - I’m there right now. Burnout city. Love that you found your mojo again. I’m praying to find mine.

nina p - Beautiful images!! I too have felt the same way, and maybe I need a trip to the beach and someone who will let me rant and vent :)

Trish - you are so inspiring… there is just so much i could say about your work and the beauty that shines through you! i am a forever fan!!!

Christina Graves - Amy, I love love love your blog!!!!…Loveyaalots

jennifer k - so inspiring! thank you for sharing amy. and new site looks great!!

stephanie - simply beautiful.

Karin - Amy….I love your new website! So glad you’re ‘back.’ I’ve missed seeing you create what God inspires you to do. Hugs!

Rebecca Jones - Beautil images, very inspirational!

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